Sunday, February 13, 2011

Late Night Experiments

I recorded a video for this plane and it turned out good looking but I didn't like the way it flew. I want to try it again but with smaller wings and a different nose design. I folded the nose under on this one instead of into the plane and I think that caused some flight issues because this plane has a very un-predictable flight pattern. One of my favorite things about paper airplanes is that you can throw them, see a problem, and then change something. Well this plane just didn't have much control.

This plane glides well but only if you throw it soft. I would like to develop this one more in the future. The funny thing about it is that it did not fly well until I added the vertical tail fins. I really think this design could be refined into a good plane.

This plane flies extremely well. I was very surprised with its performance. I folded parts that I ripped inward to make an air tunnel type thing on the wings and this plane will glide forever. I cannot wait to get to a larger space to see how far it will fly. This is something I am definitely going to develop further and make some videos for.

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