Saturday, February 12, 2011

Glider #1

Glider #1 is a simple variation on my glider series. These planes fly well in large rooms if you throw them hard or soft. I add flaps on the back of the wings to compensate for the heaviness of the nose of the plane. These flaps need adjusting depending on how you fold it, in this video they are a little steep, usually you only need small flaps to keep the plane in flight. I ended up making them more flush with the wings after its first flight and they really work well. The tail I add to this series helps keep the plane upright, without it they tend to flip over like many other paper airplane designs. If you fold it so the bottom (the part you hold onto when throwing the plane) is larger you can get a larger tale which effects the way these fly greatly. I will demonstrate variations on the tale design in later videos. The plane in the video performed well, I got some very long flights with it. The harder you throw it the straighter it flies but if you throw it softer these planes can get some serious hang time staying in the air longer than any other plane I know how to build.

Music by Sumsun (2010)

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