Saturday, February 12, 2011

Speeder #1

Speeder #1 is a variation on a plane I have been making since I was really really young. The main thing I like about this version is that it does not flip over and the bottom stays on the bottom. The tail can be modified in many different ways by folding the two outer flaps or even making the main inner flap into an oval. Also folding the wings differently so they are wider gives it a smaller tail and flight that is more similar to a glider. The version in the video flies very well but if you throw it too hard it darts super fast for a short flight. Throwing this one a little bit more gently still gives the plane a lot of speed but it also can have good hang time. If you need more lift you can simply curl up the triangles on the back of the wings instead of making flaps which gives you more control over how steep it will climb when you throw it. Sorry the video does not demonstrate how to make this one very well, but I will be doing lots of variations on this plane in the future.

Music by Sumsun (2010)

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