Sunday, February 13, 2011

Glider #2

Glider #2 this is a more complicated variation on the glider. This plane needs a lot of room to fly which is the reason I gave it a squared off nose. This prevents ware and tear that happens to pointy noses when they hit walls. I have gotten this one to fly for about 40 feet and I am sure it could go further. The tail design is my favorite part about this plane but the side flaps are really cool because you can control it's direction easily. I got this plane to fly around a room and back to me every time by adjusting the flaps. The smaller tail and the double flaps on the edges of the wings make this plane curve and turn easily but it still stays upright if thrown correctly. This plane needs to be thrown somewhat hard; it does not fly well if you throw it softly. If you throw this plane too hard it flips over and crashes. Overall I think this is a good plane but I have some ideas to improve it in the future. It is really fun to throw it around the room and catch it like a boomerang.

Music by Sumsun (2008)

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